Debi Yanover - Educational Therapy


  • Educational therapy (ET) is the clinical practice of providing intensive, individualized compensatory and remedial intervention taking into account the social, emotional, and neuro-psychological factors that impact one’s learning. 

  • Services are provided to individuals with various types of learning disabilities and other learning challenges, such as dyslexia; AD(H)D; language processing problems; math difficulties; poor motivation; low academic self-esteem; poor social, organizational and study skills; and performance anxiety. 

  • By fostering independence and self-advocacy in their clients, ETs help them take control of their learning.

  • Educational therapists conduct formal and informal assessments in designing an individualized remedial program to meet each client’s unique learning profile.  They communicate with family and allied professionals including teachers and medical professionals for the purpose of developing productive support strategies and/or accommodations.

  • The Association of Educational Therapists (AET) is the national professional association which defines and sets standards for the professional practice of educational therapists.

Serving the New York City area
For a consultation, please call:    (818) 620-2535
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